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Choose your PERMAH Survey Debrief Assessment Assessor

Kisten McKenna

A registered provisional psychologist and experienced well-being coach and facilitator. Kirsten has designed wellbeing and performance solutions for small, medium and large-scale businesses in the for-profit and NFP arenas.

Kirsten has coached business representatives and developed programs across a wide array of industries including med-tech, government, banking, finance, technology, FMCG and wine.

Passionate about positive change and impact, Kirsten encourages individuals to foster a growth mindset and apply a new lens to their self-leadership profile. With an excess of 20 years international corporate experience, along with extensive experience in leadership and personal development, Kirsten brings a unique outlook on sustainably achieving peak performance and leading well. Her warm nature and pragmatic approach enable Kirsten to develop an authentic connection with each of her clients. Kirsten also holds accreditations in Education, Strengths Profiler, Neuroleadership and Mental Toughness.

Shirley-Moana Duff

Shirley is a wellbeing advocate and positive psychology enthusiast who excels at creating seamless online spaces where people can learn together.

She has a Master of Arts in Psychology and a Graduate Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology and is currently completing her Master of Science in Coaching Psychology from Sydney University. Shirley has trained and coached a diverse range of clients (including government, NFP, corporate, industry and small businesses) to understand core positive psychology, mental health and wellbeing concepts, and then meaningfully bring these to life at an individual, team and organisational level.

Shirley is also a certified debriefer for the PERMAH Wellbeing Survey.