Welcome to your coach booking page!

To set you up for success your grant provides up to 5 hours of coaching support for your nominated representatives. We have handpicked a wonderful coach to support you through the design, implementation and reporting of your project.

To ensure that you are able to select the dates and coaching times that suit your project and call time preferences, we strongly recommend booking your calls now.  You can book one call today to get started or all five and a half hours of coaching calls at once if you wish. You can reschedule or cancel your coaching calls if needed. And, if you still have coaching hours left over you can add more coaching calls later.

Just don’t forget that your project plan must be submitted to the department by June 16 and your final report by November 30.  

Meet Your Coach: Linda Rowley

A positive psychology interventionist, workplace wellbeing facilitator and coach, Linda is known for facilitating environments of trust and collaboration (even amongst groups with diverse perspectives) where individuals can codesign and commit to shared wellbeing goals. Linda has a reputation for communicating complex information in ways that are easily digestible and actionable. With an interactive and engaging training and coaching style, Linda supports individuals to bridge the gap from knowing to doing, building capability to take meaningful action to achieve desired outcomes. Linda’s expertise is working with small to medium workplaces within the government and NFP sectors to assist in setting clearer goals, gaining greater focus, and designing targeted activities to improve wellbeing outcomes for individuals, teams and organisations.

If you would like to reach your coach directly please use the following details:

e: linda@lindarowley.com.au
m: +61 427760637

Find a time that best suits you