Book Your Coaching Calls To Design Your Mental Wellbeing Project

As the chosen training provider for the Business Victoria Mental Wellbeing of Business Communities Grants Program, our team at The Wellbeing Lab is here to help you easily, effectively and enjoyably prepare your community-led mental wellbeing project plan so you can receive your $15,000 grant.

As noted in your grant agreement, when you submit your mental wellbeing project plan it must be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from one of our workplace wellbeing coaches.

To help you develop your project plan and secure this letter, your grant provides up to twelve hours of coaching support for your nominated representatives.  Once you receive your grant funds, any remaining coaching hours can also be used to help guide your implementation and prepare your final report for the department.

Based on your business domain we’ve hand picked a wonderful coach to support you every step of the way. They’re here to set you up for success and support you to squeeze all you can out of this opportunity.  To ensure that you are able to select the dates and coaching times that suit your project and call time preferences, we strongly recommend booking your calls now.  You can book one call today to get started or all twelve coaching calls at once if you wish. 

Let’s find the coaching call times that work best for you.

As noted, your project plan must be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from one of our wellbeing coaches.  For this reason, wstrongly recommend that you book at least four coaching calls.  For example:

  • Call 1: Explore potential mental wellbeing project ideas 
  • Call 2: Begin designing your mental wellbeing project 
  • Call 3: Help to finalise the design for your mental wellbeing project plan  
  • Call 4: Review your final project plan to provide the letter of recommendation

However, you have up to twelve hours of coaching support available for your group of nominated representatives so please book as many calls as you need.

You can reschedule or cancel your coaching calls if needed.  And, if you still have coaching hours left over you can add more coaching calls later.

Just don’t forget that your project plan must be submitted to the department by June 15 and your final report by August 31.

Meet Your Coach: Chris Gildersleeve

Chris is a professional coach and facilitator who works with individuals and organisations to secure purposeful and lasting change.  He has a reputation for leading challenging conversations with individuals and groups in a psychologically safe environment that allows them to explore their impediments to change, challenge limiting beliefs, and harness their strengths to move forward and thrive in environments of change and complexity.  He works with leaders, individuals and teams ranging from global corporations, start-ups, small and medium businesses, universities, and government.  Chris is certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a Professionally Certified Coach (PCC) and holds a Master of Positive Psychology (University of Melbourne), Master of Applied Science (Psychology of Coaching) (U Syd), Master of Business (HRM) (CSU) and Bachelor of Business (U Newcastle). 

If you would like to reach your coach directly please use the following details:

m: +61 0401777099

Please select the type of call you would like to book in with Chris below to start the booking process: