Book Your PERMAH Wellbeing Survey Results Debrief

You’ve got your PERMAH Wellbeing Survey results, but now what?

Is there something in your report that you don’t fully understand, you’re worried about, or want to dive deeper into?

Are you curious about the smallest actions you could take that would have the biggest impact when it comes to caring for wellbeing?

Would you like to discuss your results with someone who has the latest wellbeing science at their fingertips and who is able to support you with practical, impactful next steps to care for wellbeing?

Do you want to learn more about how you can use the PERMAH Wellbeing Survey as part of your community project or ongoing wellbeing initiatives?

Then book a debrief with one of our highly sought-after PERMAH Survey Wellbeing coaches. 

You can book a 1-1 debrief to review and discuss your own PERMAH Wellbeing Survey results, or you can book an organisational debrief to go over the PERMAH Wellbeing Survey report that an organisation would receive to help you understand and interpret the results.

Simply select the date and time that works with you below.

Please note: This will count towards your 12 hours of coaching calls.