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Available 11th – 29th September

You’re in the right place if you are an AusNet employee and want to find out more about your coach or even to book additional coaching calls.

Meet Your Coach: Michelle McQuaid

Author of Your Leadership Blueprint: Fostering Psychosocial Safety At Work and co-creator of the Certificate in leading Safety and Care Michelle has led the charge on providing practical, evidence-based approaches to helping workplaces minimise their emotional and social risks.

Michelle works with boards, leadership teams, managers, and employees to help them better care for their wellbeing, enhance their performance, and build a culture of safety and care, even in the complexities of the modern workplace.

Michelle’s award-wining ability to translate pioneering research into practical, playful learning experiences allow her to create coaching conversations that inspire, energize, and connect people to their own and each other’s humanity.

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