Stop For Safety:
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Available 11th – 29th September

You’re in the right place if you are an AusNet employee and want to find out more about your coach or even to book additional coaching calls.

Meet Your Coach: Linda Rowley

An experienced workplace wellbeing coach, Linda is passionate about building the capacity of leaders and workers to spot potential emotional and social hazards. Described as warm, caring, and practical, Linda’s coaching helps think through potential hazards, create environments to connect and talk honestly about safety and wellbeing, and build skills to confidently identify actions to minimize hazards.

Linda draws on knowledge from a Master of Applied Positive Psychology and Graduate Certificate in Business Wellbeing, coupled with 15 years partnering with organisations to achieve their chosen wellbeing goals.

As a Master Instructor for Mental Health First Aid and an accredited PERMAH Workplace Survey debriefer Linda is well equipped to support you to promote a well workplace through identifying and minimising emotional and social hazards.

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