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Available 11th – 29th September, 2023

How Did We Do?

As they say, feedback is the breakfast of champions, and we would greatly appreciate your feedback about your most recent coaching call with us. The information is completely anonymous unless you would like us to share your feedback with the coach. We use the feedback to ensure our coaching best serves the needs of our coachees – like you. The evaluation should only take a few minutes to complete

1. I felt my coach took the time to understand and listen to what I needed.(Required)
2. The time I spent with my coach was valuable and worthwhile.(Required)
3. I would recommend these coaching calls to my colleagues.(Required)
4. Coaching provided a safe space for me to talk about what was on my mind.(Required)
5. I left coaching feeling confident about what my next steps are.(Required)

To provide feedback directly to AusNet please email your Health and Wellbeing Program Manager Carly at